Campus to Commons Trail Connectivity Study

Campus to Commons Trail

Campus to Commons Trail
Connectivity Study

We are planning for a trail along Virginia Avenue, Red Mile Road, and Forbes Road.


This trail will make an important connection between North Lexington and the area around the University of Kentucky campus. It will link together many local businesses and residential areas, adding a much-need route to a growing part of town. The Campus to Commons Trail will make it easier and safer for people of varying skill levels to bike and walk wherever they need to go.


Trails create more ways for people to bike and walk safely and comfortably. They can also ease on-road congestion by encouraging travel outside personal vehicles. This can have lasting positive impacts on our community. Local businesses, public health, and the environment can all benefit! The future Campus to Commons Trail will add to Lexington’s trail network. It will help make our community safer, easier to get around, and an even better place to live!

Preliminary Study

Creating a safer and more comfortable experience for pedestrians and bicyclists along Forbes Road, Red Mile Road, and Virginia Avenue requires thoughtful planning and innovative solutions. The Campus to Commons Trail Connectivity Study explores the best designs to achieve this goal and outlines a roadmap for implementing the solutions. 

Public Input Survey

Please complete this survey to share your feedback on the Campus to Commons Trail Preliminary Study. The survey should take 3-5 minutes to complete. Thanks so much for participating!

Campus to Commons Trail Connectivity Study

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