Campus to Commons Trail Connectivity Study

Campus to Commons Trail

Study Objectives

Find The Best Fit

Where should the trail go? This study will explore and assess options for putting a trail along the corridor. The study will recommend a preferred alignment based on feasibility, public input, and project team feedback.

Improve Intersections

How can street crossings be better? This study will identify design interventions needed to make all modes of travel safer and more comfortable. Recommendations will focus on the major intersections along the corridor.

Make a Realistic, Usable Plan

What happens next? This study will include cost estimates for design, changes to right-of-way, relocating utilities, and construction. It will also recommend how best to phase all the steps.

Connect with Community

Who will this impact? Everyone! This study effort will involve reaching out to key stakeholders, local residents, and the wider community. The study team will use digital and in-person strategies to get the input we need to make a plan that works well for the most people.